Kelly Rose is a singer, songwriter, and dancer. Born and raised in San Diego, Kelly Rose grew up on stage as a performer. She started as a dancer, but eventually realized her true passion existed in singing. Kelly Rose then decided to pursue a career as a singer and songwriter, while continuing to train as a dancer. 


Kelly Rose started her career as an artist when she wrote and recorded the theme song for the global non-profit organization Do Something. By the age of 17, her music gained the attention of Irving Azoff, who introduced her to Rock Mafia. After being impressed by her music and songwriting ability, Rock Mafia asked Kelly Rose to join their production team and signed her to a publishing deal. Kelly Rose then spent three years writing songs and recording demos for major artists at Rock Mafia.


Most recently, Kelly Rose has landed multiple sync placements in Baywatch, Girls Incarcerated and Love Island.


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