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Kelly Rose is an independent artist and songwriter who was born and raised in California. Originally from San Diego, and now residing in Los Angeles, Kelly Rose has spent years behind the scenes as a songwriter.


After her music gained the attention of music industry icon Irving Azoff, Kelly Rose landed her first publishing deal with Rock Mafia. After being impressed by her music and songwriting ability, Rock Mafia asked Kelly Rose to join their team as a songwriter. Kelly Rose then spent three years writing songs and demos for other artists.


Since then, Kelly Rose has secured many sync placements in shows like Queer Eye, The Voice, Baywatch, Love Island, Girls Incarcerated and many more. She also wrote for the viral animated Kpop artist Free Hexel, garnering hundreds of thousands of views online. In addition to that, Kelly Rose worked with Tyra Banks on her newest venture Modelland helping create all of the custom music.


Now, after years of experience telling other people’s stories through their music, Kelly Rose is stepping into the spotlight. She is set to release new music this year and unveil her identity as an artist.  


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